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Fiumicino airport in a new light

The commitment of Aeroporti di Roma and Biovitae in the fight against infections for the reduction of antibiotic resistance        


Antimicrobial resistance: also on animals

Antimicrobial resistance doesn’t just effect people,it affect animal too! This is why farmer have a key role in fighting AMR!


World Antibiotic Awareness Week, 18-24 November 2019

Seek expert advice to use antimicrobials responsibly Although antimicrobials are vital to defend people, animals and plants against infections, their misuse and overuse can lead to their failure as microbes develop resistance to these life-saving treatments. Seek expert advice to…


World week of antibiotic awareness

The slogan of the Oms-Fao-Oie campaign: "The future of antibiotics depends on us" The goal of the week is to raise global awareness of antibiotic resistance and encourage best practices among the general public, health professionals and policy makers to…


The bacteria that antibiotics don’t win anymore

The WHO: 700,000 deaths every year worldwide due to drug resistance caused by the abuse of both men and animals. And Italy is first in the EU with 10,000 cases Sir Alexander Fleming, in an interview with the New York…


World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2019

18-24 november 2019 The future of antibiotics depends on all of us Each November, World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) aims to increase global awareness of antibiotic resistance and to encourage best practices among the general public, health workers and policy…

On 18 November 2019, The European Centre For Disease Prevention And Control, ECDC, Marks The 12th European Antibiotic Awareness Day With A Launch Event In Stockholm, Sweden. Follow JPIAMR This Day For News About Funded Projects And Upcoming Calls: #EAAD2019

Follow JPIAMR on European Antibiotic Awareness Day

On 18 November 2019, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, ECDC, marks the 12th European Antibiotic Awareness Day with a launch event in Stockholm, Sweden. Follow JPIAMR this day for news about funded projects and upcoming calls: #EAAD2019


Biovitae at the UN General Assembly

September 25 New York Biovitae has been invited by UNAIDS to at the The Center for Global Health and Diplomacy for a series of events under the theme Innovation, Decentralization and Sustainable Financing: Keys to Unlocking Sustainable Healthcare. The event…

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