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Biovitae in DESIGN di Repubblica

  • Thursday April 15th, 2021

Biovitae is the only sanitizing light technology that kills (not inactivate) all microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, funghi, spores and moulds) that is completely safe for living beings because it only uses frequencies on the visible spectrum (UV-Free). La Repubblica Design 14Apr2021  


Biovitae winner of the Techlink Challenge 2020

  • Wednesday March 10th, 2021

Biovitae will be promoted at HAIR R&D centres on March 11th 2021 in China, Japan, Europe, Mexico and the USA to study integrated applications of Biovitae technology into HAIER products. Biovitae was recently awarded as a winner of HAIER’s Techlink…


The Silent Pandemic of Antibiotic Resistance

  • Thursday January 28th, 2021

Jan 27, 2021PATRICIA GELI, OTTO CARS Antibiotic resistance has been a slow-growing scourge, fueled in part by relatively weak political support for implementing national action plans and surveillance systems. Because the problem is essentially the result of multiple systems failures, overcoming…

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