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Can the BIOVITAE® device’s light remove all types of bacteria?

Yes, because the frequencies emitted by BIOVITAE® cover the entire blue-violet spectrum in the Sorét Band (400-420nm). The effectiveness of these frequencies on all bacteria (GRAM+ and GRAM-) as well as on spores, moulds, yeasts and fungi, including antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), is now scientifically established.

What does it mean that bacteria are eliminated through metabolic reaction?

Unlike other devices on the market, and differently from UV frequencies, the action of BIOVITAE® is expressed through an effect of the wavelengths on the general metabolism of the bacteria and not on their genetic material. The frequencies of BIOVITAE® stimulate the bacteria porphyrins by activating an uncontrollable METABOLIC REACTION. This photodynamic reaction causes the photo-excitation of the porphyrin’s molecules in the bacterial cells, triggering a metabolic oxidative reaction, that lasts even after exposure, causing damages to the cell membrane of the microbes and, therefore, their final destruction.

Can we define BIOVITAE® a nanotechnology?

No. Nanotechnologies are a new branch of applied technology, in which devices are made by manipulating matter at the atomic level, so to obtain nano-metric structures.

BIOVITAE® is a photodynamic inactivation technology that uses light to counteract the proliferation of bacteria, but its technological core adopts miniaturized electronic components, of such dimensions that they can be perfected using already consolidated technologies.

Can bacteria develop defences against this light like they did against antibiotics?

BIOVITAE® triggers in the bacteria an uncontrolled metabolic self-destructive reaction, against which bacteria can’t oppose any known resistance mechanism.

There are also “good” bacteria, is there a risk that they will also be affected?

BIOVITAE® does not eliminate bacteria but reduces their quantity. The frequencies of BIOVITAE® control their proliferation, so that the bacterial colonies do not become so numerous as to become dangerous for human health. Furthermore, most of the so called “good” bacteria generally live in the bowel of the higher living beings, where they can’t be reached by light; however, BIOVITAE® has been certified according to EN62471 as RG 0, meaning that it is safe for living beings under continuous exposure.

Living in a perfectly sanitized environment can be a risk to human beings to being more fragile when they are in a non-sanitized environment?

A sanitized environment is not a sterilized environment. Since the total elimination of bacteria would interrupt the natural resilience of the immune system, and would therefore cause its weakening, BIOVITAE® was designed to maintain the environment sanitized, which means an environment in which the bacterial count remains constantly low, so as not to become harmful for higher living beings, yet enough to allow the continuous resilience of the immune system.

What does it mean that BIOVITAE® sanitizes the environment without making it sterile?

That a “low quantity” of bacteria continues to exist in the environment without their count being a danger to higher living beings.

To enhance the action of the BIOVITAE® technology, how should the environment be set up (windows closed, air conditioning or radiators on, what about clothes and shoes coming from outside, humidity, etc.)?

BIOVITAE® works in any environment and in any setting, and there is no need to adjust or change people’s normal habits.

Are there any contraindications for people (i.e., skin problems, risks from overexposure, migraine, etc.)?

No. BIOVITAE® is a Class I Medical Device tested and certified and it is safe for use in the presence of higher living beings (humans, animals and plants). In addition, BIOVITAE® is a “flicker-free” device, emitting light without the flicker typical of other lighting products, which even if not perceivable by the human eye can induce neurological side effects.

Why is it registered as a Medical device?

Because it meets the provisions of safety and health required for medical devices, and because in order to be installed in health facilities it must be registered in the Directory of Healthcare Equipments at the Ministry of Health.

Once the technology is activated after how long does it start to work?

The metabolic reaction of the bacteria starts immediately, but the bacteria begin to die after about 30 minutes. Once the metabolic reaction has started, the effectiveness of BIOVITAE® continues even when the light is switched off.

How long does it take to sanitize a 100 sqm room?

It depends on how many devices are installed and what power they use. Under normal conditions, a 12 W bulb lamp is enough for an area of ​​about 20 sqm.

How long does BIOVITAE® action last after switching off the light?

It depends on the degree of photo excitement of porphyrins and on a number of other factors, but not less than an hour.

What should be done to dispose the product once it has been dismissed?

The process is specified in the manual and follows the normal schemes of dismissal of all electronic products, by delivery to the authorized dealers or disposal centres. BIOVITAE® has a reduced environmental impact as it has been designed based on the requirements of the Design for the Environment (DfE): (i) low number of components (only 5 parts), (ii) a quick disassembling process (the pieces are not welded but they snap-fit) (iii) easy identification of materials and (iv) reduced presence of harmful metals (BIOVITAE® is ROHS2 certified below the limits of a 100 fold).

What is the difference between BIOVITAE® and other devices using UV LEDs?

Until recently, the most known and widespread antimicrobial light irradiation have been the wavelengths in the ultraviolet (UV) light band, in particular the UV-C radiation (240 and 260 nm), which is traditionally used for disinfection. However, it has been demonstrated not only that UV radiation is effective only in the presence of particular environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, etc.), but it can be carcinogenic to humans and can also change the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of food as well as the characteristics of the materials irradiated (e.g., plastic and various polymers).

Moreover, UV rays act on the genetic structure of the microorganism, not definitively eliminating them but causing their inactivation, i.e. inhibiting their pathogenic replicative functions but leaving them metabolically active. Recent findings have shown that some microorganisms, especially bacteria as well as some viruses, have mechanisms that can repair the genetic damage induced by UV-C rays, using some enzymes of the hosts in which they settled to reactivate their replication mechanism.

BIOVITAE® is not harmful to higher living beings, it can be used inside environments in any condition and irreversibly eliminates microorganisms.

Is BIOVITAE® a technology that can only be applied to lighting devices?

No. BIOVITAE® technology can also be implemented in / on medical devices installed inside the human body (orthopaedic prostheses, breast implants, etc.) and in all situations where bacterial proliferation and biofilm development can cause infections, and the BIOVITAE® technology has already been used in other patents.

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