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Molex unveils revolutionary light sanitisation technology to improve everyday life @MolexCES

  • Friday May 14th, 2021

[London: 11 May 2021]  from:https://healthandsafetyupdate.co.uk/2021/05/11/molex-unveils-revolutionary-light-sanitisation-technology-to-improve-everyday-life-molexces/ Global supplier of advanced electronic components and solutions, Molex, has today announced a ground-breaking technology collaboration with Nextsense, which seeks to break down the gap between the results of pure research and the application of the…


Biovitae winner of the Techlink Challenge 2020

  • Wednesday March 10th, 2021

Biovitae will be promoted at HAIR R&D centres on March 11th 2021 in China, Japan, Europe, Mexico and the USA to study integrated applications of Biovitae technology into HAIER products. Biovitae was recently awarded as a winner of HAIER’s Techlink…


Nextsense cooperates with STMicroelectronics

  • Monday November 2nd, 2020

NEXTSENSE Cooperates with STMicroelectronics to Promote Innovative Microbicidal and Viricidal LED Lighting Technology NEXTSENSE has signed a marketing agreement with STMicroelectronics to promote and disseminate a safe, light-emitting disinfecting technology that eliminates bacteria and viruses. NEXTSENSE, a company part of…


Una lampadina al Led per salvare le scuole dal Covid

  • Friday September 4th, 2020

Il progetto italiano testato dal Policlinico Militare Celio di Roma e premiato dall'Onu potrebbe risultare decisivo per la ripartenza dell'attività scolastica. Leggi l'articolo su Repubblica.it Scarica il PDF della versione cartacea

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